You have to go for your Covid-19 Vaccine (jab)

Marion McLaughlin, One Stop Shop Manager has shared her experience of going for her own Covid-19 Vaccine.

On Tuesday I was absolutely delighted to get my first Covid Vaccination at TECA P&J Live! Here’s a wee run down of what happened for anyone who has theirs upcoming.

Before I left I made sure I knew the route, looked at photos of TECA and felt confident where I was going.

I made sure I had my:



Hand sanitiser (although there are plenty stations there for that)

Fidget/stim toys

Head phones

A good playlist to listen to in the car!

A book to read while I was waiting for my 15 minutes post vaccination.

When I arrived in the under ground car park it was really clearly signposted where to go. There was a chap who met people just outside. I let him know I would like to use the quiet area. He asked if I had booked — I had not booked but that was no problem at all. He radioed up to make sure someone was able to see me in the quiet area, gently ushered me to the escalator (and also checked I was fine using it) and someone else greeted me at the top. She showed me where the quiet area is, and it’s directly off to the right off the escalators, super easy to get to. She made sure I was ok and settled then went off to get a nurse.

Someone came along, took my details and made sure I was feeling well, consented to the vaccine etc. I would have been welcome to ask any questions, but I was just keen to get vaccinated!

I had on a short sleeved tee and a zip up hoodie, so really easy access to my arm. It was really not painful at all, and definitely much less so than a flu jab. Some people are saying they barely even felt it. I did feel it, but it was not sore. My arm was not achy at all that day unlike with the flu jab. I didn’t notice it until I went to try and fall asleep that evening and I would recommend that if you always sleep on one side that you get the vaccination in your other arm. Unless pressure is put on my arm — much more than just my usual clothes — it’s not uncomfortable at all.

I had to wait about 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have an adverse reaction to the vaccine — which I didn’t — then I was free to go. On the way out, one of the people who showed me where to go saw me leaving and checked it was all good. I cannot praise the thoughtfulness and helpfulness of the staff enough, I was incredibly impressed with everyone I had contact with, much kudos to NHS Grampian, the team at P&J Live and Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

The link below is a PDF with some great pics of what to expect during your appointment — well worth looking at.

Link to visual Guide


Preview of the pdf guide